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 Join us on Tuesday, February 12 for the second annual Globe Drive Mobility Summit, a half-day conference focused on the technology, innovations and societal shifts giving rise to the transformation of urban transportation. 

The event will once again bring together some of the leading North American thinkers on artificial intelligence, the sharing economy and automotive technology for interactive and thought-provoking discussions and presentations on changes already underway in urban mobility, and what the future holds.

Keynote speaker Gabe Klein, former transportation commissioner with the cities of Chicago and Washington, D.C., will share insight on the coming era of fully autonomous vehicles. Other top speakers will discuss how to build Canada’s electrified infrastructure, and consumer acceptance of new transportation technologies.


Automakers and Dealers | Urban Planners | Real Estate Development Companies | Architects | Municipal Policy Makers in Transportation, Transit, Infrastructure and Big Data | Industry Associations | Pedestrian and Cycling Advocates | Research and Academia in Urban Planning, Development, Real Estate and Big Data, Privacy and Security


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"This was simply an amazing event that allowed like-minded people with a common interest in people movement strategies, to both experience education of the latest learning and best practices, as well as form early ongoing collaborations… I will definitely speak of this event and actively encourage the Globe to make this a yearly conference!" 

– 2018 Attendee