Canada Future Forward Summit | June 25 & 26, 2019 | Presented by The Globe and Mail
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Presented in Partnership with Leading Partners

Centre for International Governance Innovation | McKinsey & Company


The Canada Future Forward Summit marks the 175th anniversary of The Globe and Mail with a new way of talking about the country and its future.

In 1844, George Brown created a conversational forum for his bold nation-building vision by launching the national media outlet that would become The Globe and Mail. This anniversary is an opportunity to renew his vision — of a growing, independent, diverse, internationally-connected Canada, supported by strong public and private institutions.
Canada needs bold new ideas to prepare itself for:
  • A growing, more diverse population
  • A leading global role in the new technologies that will shape the next century
  • A smart transition to an ecologically sustainable, diversified economy
  • A world that is both more connected and less stable
  • A resilient investment in institutions and infrastructure 
  • A new generation seeking housing and a place in the economy 

Who Should Attend?

Business Leaders ● Policy MakersGovernment RepresentativesTechnology Stakeholders and Innovators

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Join the conversation on keeping Canada on the path of prosperity

It’s a conversation only The Globe and Mail could orchestrate —and it would be incomplete without your voice. Reserve your spot today!

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