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On May 14th, more than 200 entrepreneurs and business leaders attended the 4th annual Small Business Summit at The Globe and Mail Centre – a sold-out event. The full-day conference featured some of Canada’s most dynamic entrepreneurs and focused on ideas and solutions for small business growth, from being a better boss to honing sales and marketing skills.

Here are a few key takeaways from the event: 

1) Focus on your top performers. During the Be a Better Boss panel, John DeHart, Co-Founder of Nurse Next Door, advised small business owners to focus on their ‘star’ employees. All too often, top performers who deliver the results are left alone to manage themselves. Good leaders ensure these employees are still following the rules and not negatively impacting the business culture.

2) Ask what new hires would change. Kiana ‘Rookz’ Eastmond, Director of Sandbox Studios, focuses less on job candidates’ experience and more on cultural fit. During interviews, she usually asks candidates what they would change at the studio – a good indicator of creativity and innovation.

3) Stick to your north star. It’s easy for small business owners to lose sight of their founding values during scale-up. Kate Ross Leblanc, CEO and Co-Founder of Saje Natural Wellness said she keeps circling back to Saje’s two main principals – 100 percent natural products and community engagement – whenever a big decision has to be made.

It was a sold-out event and we were thrilled to see so many entrepreneurs and supporters of small business in the room. We would like to extend our appreciation to the sponsors, speakers, and attendees whose participation made it all possible.

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