2020 Globe Drive Mobility Summit: The Future of Urban Transportation | February 11, 2020
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 Join us on Tuesday, February 11 for the third annual Globe Drive Mobility Summit, a half-day conference focused on the technology, innovations and societal shifts giving rise to the evolution of urban transportation.

The event will once again bring together some of the leading North American thinkers on artificial intelligence, the sharing economy and automotive technology for interactive and thought-provoking discussions and presentations on changes already underway in urban mobility, and what the future holds.

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"The event was very interesting with valuable content. I wasn't sure what to expect but so happy I attended. The panel speakers did an amazing job of addressing some of the issues we're facing in the automotive and mobility industry. It gave me some clarity on what to expect in the future. Thank you for hosting such a wonderful event!" 

– 2019 Attendee